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Sunflower on a Warm Sunny Day - Sunflower on a Warm Sunny Day is bright warm sunflower artwork. The sunflower has radient yellow on orange tones in its sunflower pedals. The center is made from delicious purple, browns and oranges. The watercolor creates a soft and stunning composition to brighten up your day. Many cultures believe the sunflower represesnts positivity,strength ,admiration and loyalty. Others see the sunflower as good luck and happiness.
Iris Richardson (Iris Richardson)

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Jillian Adel (Jillian Adel)

Jillian is an artist and art director that explores the transformative nature of relationships through texture and language.
Her fine art practice and upcoming show concept, Bless this Death, explores spirituality through alchemy and shadow work. And seeks to empower artists and healers who come from personal and collective experiences of abuse patterning.

Designer, illustrator, artist based in Los Angeles. Source: JILLIAN ADEL

Janet Rosen Fine Arts

Janet Rosen Fine Arts title image - a painting of jars holding paintbrushes
Janet Rosen (Janet Rosen Fine Arts)

Why make art? For many of us it is a way to mediate reality, to integrate and make sense of the world and then put it “out there” for others to experience. My aim is to create a narrative with enough space for the viewer to enter and find their own story.

Painting and drawing, mostly portraits now, but whatever in my environment strikes my fancy. Source: Janet Rosen Fine Arts