Learn Hieroglyphs

Learn Hieroglyphs (Learn Hieroglyphs)

Developments in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) made possible far wider interdisciplinary access to material for greater portions of the population than before. Learning hieroglyphics through a website looks much easier and faster than a book. The main benefit of creating an educational hieroglyphic website is to support teaching, learning, and research on the ancient Egyptian language. It is represented as an exemplar on how electronic projects became one of the very important tools in e-learning.

As an implementation step, we built an online dictionary in both Arabic and English. The idea was adopted due to the scarcity of electronic projects targeting Arabic speaking audiences. It is a long-term dictionary that is continuously enriched with words and other educational subjects. As a start, the website includes more than 5,000 words in the dictionary, which will increase with time.

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