Jessie Gender

Jessie Gender from Jessie Gender

On this channel, I talk about the nuance in the nerdy, and focus on issues facing the LGBTQ community, transgender specific community, women, nonbinary and autistic folks as well as other social and political issues through and within geek topics, with an eye to the most vulnerable.

My goal is try to create a space where we can talk about hard issue but in a way that is constructive, positive, welcoming, and educational, and still never loses sight of the joy and love for each other that brought us together in the first place. New videos every Friday! Latest videos: [su_feed url=””…


Miniminuteman from Miniminuteman

Archaeology, anthropology, history & antiquity. A place to dump my longer deep dives into history. Latest videos: [su_feed url="" limit="5" target="blank"] Check me out on all my other platforms:

Sankofa Pan African Series

Sankofa Pan African Series from Sankofa Pan African Series on YouTube

Sankofa Pan African series was set up to explore Pan African Experiences. Although we discuss a lot of African history, the series is not primarily a vehicle for teaching history. As such, the topics that we treat do not necessarily follow a linear pattern. We depend on comments, questions, and contributions to help develop and structure future episodes. We also bring other people on to help throw light on various topics of interest so that the series serves an avenue to highlight Pan African issues, celebrate Pan Africanism, achievements, and critiques where necessary. Latest videos: [su_feed url="" limit="5" target="blank"]    


Kuelimika from Kuelimika on YouTube

Hi! On this channel we analyze and review certain African historical and social knowledge taught to us by either our schools, our parents, our society, or the media. We do all that by remaining as objective as possible and as academically sourced as possible. Therefore, we welcome you to join our channel, and participate in this journey to a better knowledge and understanding of our past and our current society! Latest videos: [su_feed url="" limit="5" target="blank"]