8cre Eight Changes for Racial Equity - Eight Changes for Racial Equity (8CRE) were proposed in 2020 by members of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) community serving in various roles who are motivated to ensure the NIH workplace culture is one free of racism, discrimination and harassment; and committed to compassion, respect, and understanding for all. |

These eight changes were shared in an open letter to Dr. Francis Collins, NIH Director on July 22. Although important strides have been made in attempts to alleviate these elements of oppression from the workplace, much more must be done to truly and effectively attain this goal. Representatives of 8CRE are actively partnering with the NIH community and NIH leadership to develop tangible solutions to combat current racial inequities, discrimination and harassment at the NIH. All members of the NIH community are critical in implementing the necessary actions required for true transformation.

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