Broken Fingaz BFC | HAIFA | GRAFF | PEACE | YEKSHEMASH - Broken Fingaz is a self-taught art collective founded in Haifa in 2001. Emerging among the first generation of graffiti writers in the Middle East, their work is informed by their region’s physical and political conditions, as much as by an interest in western painting traditions and contemporary popular culture. Their work includes monumental-scale murals, sculpture, painting, installation and animation, and collaborations with musicians including Primus, Pearl Jam, Beck, U2 and The Alchemist. | | | | | Activism Through the Arts, Anti Authoritarian, Anti Racist, Anticolonialist, Antifascist, Art, Cartoons and Animations, Climate Justice and Environmentalism, Community, Digital Music, Dub Step, Electronica, Events and Festivals, Exposing Disinformation, Fashion and Style, Feminist and Womanist, Government Accountability, Graffiti, Historical Accuracy, Human Rights, Ink and Ink Printing, Israel, Music, Photography, Rap and Hip Hop, Rock, Unions and Workers Rights

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