His mission is to empower all people sharing Buddhist wisdom with a touch of makeup.

Kodo Nishimura is a Buddhist monk, Makeup Artist, LGBTQ Activist, and Model. He was born in Tokyo in 1989. He graduated from the Parsons School of Design in New York. After graduating, he started to thrive as a makeup artist, working behind the scenes of Miss Universe and NY Fashion Week. In 2015, Kodo trained…



We are a traditional shrine, a place that offers spiritual aid and consultation located in Accra, Ghana.

Our mission is to make traditional West African Spirituality accessible to anyone interested, especially the youth; we seek to awaken spiritual selves for both individual and communal benefit. Our project is made possible through the guidance of experienced spiritualists referred to in the Ewe language as Bokors.

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Adventurous Travel Guide

Adventurous Travel Guide from Adventurous Travel Guide on YouTube

Visit Peru from the comfort of your home and learn about the history of this beautiful country with us.
Vanessa and Marek are 2 official certified tour guides are your hosts in the lovely Peru, showing you its history, food, and culture. Send us a message for a private virtual or in-person tour.

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The Ayavolve Institute

The Ayavolve Institute (The Ayavolve Institute)

We believe in the power of plant medicines to create social and personal change when worked within an intentional or ceremonial context. We offer coaching sessions and retreats, supporting individuals through every phase of their psychedelic journey, from preparation to integration.

The Ayavolve Institute for Psychedelic Integration believes in the power of ayahuasca and other plant medicines to create social and personal change when worked within an intentional or ceremonial context. Therefore, The Ayavolve Institute functions primarily as an educational and healing institute. Latest posts: [su_feed url="https://www.ayavolve.com/feed/" limit="5" target="blank"] Source: The Ayavolve Institute | For Psychedelic…