Vagina Museum

Vagina Museum
Vagina Museum (Vagina Museum)

There was a penis museum in Iceland. Which is pretty cool. But there was no vagina equivalent anywhere in the world.

We were pretty miffed (muffed?) when we learnt this but we thought, there’s only one way to rectify this.

Make one.

The worlds first bricks and mortar museum dedicated to the gynaecological anatomy. Looking for a new home. The Vagina Museum is looking for a new home. We’re crowdfunding to help us find the perfect fit. The Vagina Museum is a vital resource in a world of shame and stigma and we need a space for…

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Study Finds – Research In a Nutshell

Study Finds – Research In a Nutshell (Study Finds – Research In a Nutshell)

StudyFinds sets out to find new research that speaks to mass audiences — without all the scientific jargon. The stories we publish are digestible, summarized versions of research that are intended to stir debate: We do not agree nor disagree with any of the studies we post, rather, we encourage our readers to debate the veracity of the findings themselves.

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