Berkeley South Asian Radical History Walking Tour

Berkeley South Asian Radical History Walking Tour (Berkeley South Asian Radical History Walking Tour)

Discover a century of South Asian American activist history on the streets of Berkeley, California!

Community historians Barnali Ghosh and Anirvan Chatterjee bring South Asian American history to life on an engaging 2-mile walking tour. You’ll visit original sites, hear the stories, and come away inspired by four generations of immigrant freedom fighters, feminists, and more. These are the secret histories we were never taught.

The Woke Salaryman

The Woke Salaryman (The Woke Salaryman)

We set up the Woke Salaryman with the intention of helping Singaporeans make better financial and life choices through education. Even if it means deviating from the conventional path always preached by previous generations/conventional wisdom.

We believe that when people are financially stable, they are more able to make rational and wiser decisions. Not just for themselves, but for society.

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