Kit O’Connell: Approximately 8,000 Words

Kit O’Connell: Approximately 8,000 Words (Kit O'Connell)

Adventures of a Gonzo Journalist

Kit O’Connell (pronouns: they/them) is a movement journalist, radical troublemaker and freelance writer from Austin, Texas. Kit O’Connell is Digital Editor at the Texas Observer. Their writing has appeared in The Austin Chronicle, YES! Magazine, and Truthout, among other places. Previously, Kit created A Burner Lexicon and “The Ethical Slut” Read-Along. Latest posts: [su_feed url=””…

The Ayavolve Institute

The Ayavolve Institute (The Ayavolve Institute)

We believe in the power of plant medicines to create social and personal change when worked within an intentional or ceremonial context. We offer coaching sessions and retreats, supporting individuals through every phase of their psychedelic journey, from preparation to integration.

The Ayavolve Institute for Psychedelic Integration believes in the power of ayahuasca and other plant medicines to create social and personal change when worked within an intentional or ceremonial context. Therefore, The Ayavolve Institute functions primarily as an educational and healing institute. Latest posts: [su_feed url="" limit="5" target="blank"] Source: The Ayavolve Institute | For Psychedelic…

Kat Blaque 2.0

Kat Blaque 2.0 from Kat Blaque 2.0

Goth community, fantasy community, and community activism.

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LadySpeech Sankofa

LadySpeech Sankofa from LadySpeech Sankofa

Magical Motivation.
Growth & Healing.
Spirit & Joy.
Love & truth.
Adventures and shenanigans.

Watch: LadySpeech Sankofa – YouTube [su_feed url="" limit="5" target="blank"] Editor’s note: this is one of the brave people who stood up to the police and properly saged the areas during Black Lives Matter marches and protests. They are the real deal.  

Asmo Draws Comics

Asmo Draws Comics (Asmo Draws Comics)

Adults Only!!!

Ethan, a cadet exorcist, finds himself being seduced by his demon partner Al, but their unexpected romance is destined for darkness when human and demon worlds collide!

This is a 18+ adults only comic. There’s foul language, violence, religious themes/implications, nudity, mature themes, and frequent sexually explicit content. If you’d like to read the censored version of this comic (sexual nudity is blacked out), it’s available on Tapas!

18+ comics and illustrations by Asmodeus Read: Asmo Draws Comics