Unite Against Book Bans

Unite Against Book Bans by Jan Carmichael (Unite Against Book Bans)

0 ATTEMPTS TO BAN LIBRARY BOOKS IN 2022 Based on media reports and data reported to the American Library Association’s Office for Intellectual Freedom. “Overwhelmingly, we’re seeing groups and individuals at library board meetings demand the removal of long lists of books obtained from organized censorship groups who share these lists on social media.” READ …

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Press Watch

Press Watch: An Intervention for Political Journalism by Dan FroomkinDan Froomkin (presswatchers.org)

Founded in October 2019 by longtime journalist and media critic Dan Froomkin, Press Watch is an independent non-profit organization devoted to encouraging political journalists to live up to the highest standards of their profession. It is funded by donations from readers and the philanthropic community.

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Miniminuteman from Miniminuteman

Archaeology, anthropology, history & antiquity. A place to dump my longer deep dives into history.

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Kuelimika from Kuelimika on YouTube

Hi! On this channel we analyze and review certain African historical and social knowledge taught to us by either our schools, our parents, our society, or the media. We do all that by remaining as objective as possible and as academically sourced as possible. Therefore, we welcome you to join our channel, and participate in this journey to a better knowledge and understanding of our past and our current society!

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