Funkwhale – Your free and decentralized audio platform

Funkwhale – Your free and decentralized audio platform (

A social platform to enjoy and share music. Funkwhale is a community-driven project that lets you listen and share music and audio within a decentralized, open network.

A decentralized and open platform Funkwhale consists of many independent pods which can communicate together using standard, free and open source technology. The network is not tied to any corporation or entity, which gives you independence and choice. Find or start your pod    


Fedilab (Fedilab)

Fedilab is a multifunctional Android client to access the distributed Fediverse, consisting of microblogging, photo sharing and video hosting

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anewpairofeyes (anewpairofeyes)

Here I post, from the Deoxyribonucleic Hypderdimension, speaking into the void as a transmission for any other kindred spirits seeking to cultivate an oasis of lucidity and clarity as shelter from the relentless and tedious onslaught of manipulations in our every day post modern cyber-dystopian bump and grind.

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