Study Finds – Research In a Nutshell

Study Finds – Research In a Nutshell (Study Finds – Research In a Nutshell)

StudyFinds sets out to find new research that speaks to mass audiences — without all the scientific jargon. The stories we publish are digestible, summarized versions of research that are intended to stir debate: We do not agree nor disagree with any of the studies we post, rather, we encourage our readers to debate the veracity of the findings themselves.

Media Bias / Fact Check has rated StudyFinds as one of the “Least Biased” online news sites with High level of factual reporting. All studies and surveys published on StudyFinds are vetted by our editors for proper and unbiased research methods. We are always transparent in who funded or is behind each article. Any research that has been…

START – Study, Think, Act, Respond Together

START – Study, Think, Act, Respond Together (

Study guide, progressive on-line readings, and organizations.

START is a free 24-session study course that you conduct on your own. Gather 8 or 10 friends together, study and discuss environmental, domestic, and world issues using the on-line readings, read and think about the world we want and how to get there, and then act. The START Study Guide provides guidance on how…

LadySpeech Sankofa

LadySpeech Sankofa from LadySpeech Sankofa

Magical Motivation.
Growth & Healing.
Spirit & Joy.
Love & truth.
Adventures and shenanigans.

Watch: LadySpeech Sankofa – YouTube [su_feed url="" limit="5" target="blank"] Editor’s note: this is one of the brave people who stood up to the police and properly saged the areas during Black Lives Matter marches and protests. They are the real deal.  

Library Accessibility Alliance

Library Accessibility Alliance (Library Accessibility Alliance)

Advocates for Accessible Digital Library Resources

The Library Accessibility Alliance (LAA) promotes equitable access to library services and electronic resources. Our member libraries are committed to providing equal access to information for all library users, and we work together to improve vendor products, educate our community, and advance digital accessibility.

[su_feed url="" limit="5" target="blank"] Visit: Who we are | Library Accessibility Alliance