About HumanShared.com

Humanshared.com is a human curated, searchable blog of links. That’s it. Websites about anything and everything reasonable are welcome here.

The engine that runs this site’s search is Better Search, a plugin by Ajay D’Souza, one of my favorite developers. He also builds Contextual Related Posts, which I use on almost all of my sites. I recommend both. Somehow he does these the best, at least that I’ve seen. Because of him, I knew I could make something like this work so long as I have enough support.

Links are vetted by the community of readers and authors. We are all human and therefore arbitrary. We may disagree in terms of taste, but we all agree not to list sites here that:

  • promote undue violence against anyone who is not promoting or engaging in violence against anyone.
  • promote ideologies that are known to endorse violence against anyone who is not promoting or engaging violence against anyone.
  • promote the violations of people’s civil rights.
  • promote non consensual violations of people’s bodily autonomy including but not limited to sexual assaults and inappropriate behavior with persons legally unable to consent.
  • promote misinformation or disinformation.
  • contain machine learning algorithm (“AI”) generated content without a warning that it is such. More about that on our MLA page.
  • plagiarize or republish other people’s content beyond legal fair use and reference.
  • violate anyone illegally.
  • constitute “clickbait” or “content farms” that are not at least curated vetted and edited by humans. Some recipe sites are just wonderful even though we all know that the person in the author box is an MLA generated composite image meant to remind us of our mom.

We, the site editors and authors reserve the right to use our judgement. This is a privately owned website, and should not be mistaken for a “public” resource unless or until it reaches the legal threshold in number of users to constitute a “platform”.

The sites listed here own all rights to their content. We are merely listing them for the convenience of readers searching for webpages and resources relevant to a topic. If you sign up, and your site is already listed here, authorship of your listing will be transferred to you so that you can edit it at will. If you don’t sign up, you can still request changes and add information by contacting me.

Commenters, contributors, and editors who post here also own the rights to all commentary that they post as well as the fact of that commentary. At any time they wish, they may download all of their contributions and have them removed from the site. They can also selectively remove posts at will, if the site becomes hostile or they’re simply not feeling it. Nobody is obligated to keep a link posted forever just because they did in the past. If you would like to start posting links here, read this guide to get started.

Once there are enough links that this would be attractive, I am going to create Creative Commons categories so that people can elect to allow republishing of their links. This way others could seed their link lists on their sites with the stock from here. I will also eventually create anonymous user profiles that members can post through.

This site is currently owned by Nicole T. Lasher, webmatron of ModernTraditional.com Africans.live and other sites. It is built to be a place people can find things without the nonsense and algorithms filtering what people get to see first. If you would like to help keep this site running, please send a donation or join my Patreon.

Thank you!