How to Get Started Posting Everything From Everywhere

Where do I begin?

You may be looking at the description, blinking, and wondering where to start. My recommendation is your own sites and then your bookmarks and links. Your bookmarks represent the sites and pages you thought were worth saving and maybe returning to. Maybe you did and maybe you didn’t, but you felt they spoke to something you wanted or needed at the time. So go through them and post the ones that still work here.

How to Post

First of all, you need to register and log in. Once I’m sure you’re human I will make you an author. I might recognize you from somewhere and do that without your needing to ask, but just in case, it’s a good idea to contact me. My main work email is

If you can use WordPress or a word processor, it’s pretty easy to figure out how to post here. We have some nifty features to help make posts prettier, like Post Kinds. The default setting is “note”, but to post a link, you should select “bookmark” for the post kind, and paste the URL into the form at the top of the page. Remember, the place to fill in the title is going to be below the content field.

If that is too confusing or you don’t have the time or the spoons at the moment, just select “article” to make it like a normal post, and post that way. If you just put in the title and the URL, I or another one of the editors will come along and pretty it up for you.

We also have Press This to make it even easier to post while you’re still browsing a site.

What should a post have in it?

At the minimum, the title should be the site’s name, and somewhere in the post there should be that title linked to that URL. There should also be a general description for the site.

It would also be nice to include an image like their logo or featured image, which is often referenced in the details once the site is parsed. If it has one, use the Insert Shortcode button to add their RSS feed or even pretty buttons or other information about the site.

Feel free to give us a good introduction to it, but please do not violate anyone’s copyright by reposting their content without permission. Many have instructions for how to link to them. Use the options they give you such as their logo, about page summary, description, feeds, and embedding code that they supply.

Click random posts that are already here to see what some of the options are.

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